Recent helpful resources

Recent helpful resources

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In the recent past, I experienced a challenging period marked by a profound sense of despair. However, I am now on a journey of recovery and find myself in a better state of mind. I wanted to share some invaluable resources that have played a significant role in my personal growth. The following resources have helped me regain hope, find inspiration, and reorient my perspective. While they are listed in no particular order of superiority, each one has made a profound impact on my journey.

1. Martin Luther’s Biography:

Imagine living a life completely centered on God. I delved into Martin Luther’s biography, which I listened to on the Luminate app. This captivating account challenged me to reevaluate my own focus in life and inspired me to deepen my connection with my faith. Link

2. Usipigane Song Cover by George Onkoba:

This powerful song was recommended to me by a friend, and I wholeheartedly extend the recommendation to you. Its lyrics are simply life-changing. The essence of the message is beautifully captured in the lines:

Usipigane, Vita ni ya Mungu, Ukipigana anatulia, Ukitulia anapigana, Acha kutarijia ushindi kwa nguvu zako mwenyewe, Vita ni vya Muumba, Mwache ye atakupigania tu

“Don’t fight, the battle is the God’s. When you fight, He holds back. When you hold back, He fights. Stop expecting victory through your own strength. The battle belongs to the Creator. Let Him fight for you.”


3. Mungu Pekee Song by Luddy Meryl:

During a recent concert I attended, I was deeply moved by this song. Its chorus resonated with me on a profound level, reminding me of God’s unwavering presence in our lives. The lyrics encompass the following message:

Ni Mungu pekee, Ajuaye shida zetu, Aelewa lalamishi zetu, Na atatuondoa huku, Muweza yote, Hakuna kinachomshinda, Hali yetu pia itapita, Kwani Mungu atatuokoa

“It’s God alone who knows our problems, understands our complaints, and will lead us away from here. He can do all things, nothing is too difficult for Him. Our circumstances will pass because God will save us.”


These resources have served as guiding lights during my journey, providing solace and renewed strength. I encourage you to explore these sources of inspiration, allowing them to positively impact your life as well. Remember, we all have the power within us to rise above challenges and embrace a brighter future.

Wishing you continued strength and growth

Good morning Photo by Nagara Oyodo on unsplash