Warrior glow

Warrior glow

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by Wangari Kinyanjui

Who are we?

Warrior Glow is a noble initiative spearheaded by a group of compassionate medical students who are dedicated to improving the lives of cancer patients undergoing treatment. The program aims to provide patients with effective coping strategies that are easy to apply, relevant, and empowering.

What is our vision?

  • Make the cancer treatment journey less depriving
  • Promote multidisciplinary approach to a patient’s care
  • Inspire medical students to be part of the cancer patient management by using non-medical and medical skills to benefit patients.

What do we do?

Warrior Glow focuses on addressing the side effects of cancer treatment such as alopecia, nail dystrophies, and mastectomy. Through the use of various interventions such as scars, caps, breast prosthetics, and social support, patients can preserve their self-image and minimize the psychological consequences of treatment.

How do we work?

We conduct workshops in a welcoming and supportive environment that encourages patients to learn and apply new skills. The program coordinators work in close collaboration with the Social Service Department at the Cancer Treatment Centre, Kenyatta National Hospital, to identify patients who could benefit from the program. Each session accommodates about 20-50 patients, and 10-15 medical student volunteers are on hand to provide personalized attention and support to each patient.

During each session, patients are taught different techniques and skills such as tying head scarfs, nail grooming, and breast prosthetic application. The student volunteers demonstrate these techniques, and patients are encouraged to recreate them on themselves or their partners during the workshop. For those who need assistance, medical students are on hand to help.

The program also invites a nutritionist to provide advice on proper nutrition and to answer any related questions. Throughout the sessions, the medical students engage with patients, offering words of encouragement and support. We also distribute food packages to the patients, and all the services offered are entirely free of charge.

Through the program’s efforts, patients can gain a new skill, improve their self-esteem, and feel better equipped to deal with the challenges of cancer treatment. Warrior Glow is a vital resource for cancer patients, providing them with the tools they need to thrive during their treatment and beyond.

Good morning

What have we done so far?

Since the launch on 29th August 2021, we have acquired a membership of about 200 students. A total of 7 sessions have been organized - 6 have been held in The Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) and 1 at Nairobi Hospice. A total of 70 medical students and 180 patients have been involved so far. We have distributed around 180 head scarfs and 50 breast prosthetics and food packages.

How would we like you to partner with us?

To achieve our goals, we heavily rely on the support of donations from our community. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your donations help us purchase the items needed for our workshops, such as scarves, hats, nail polishes, yarn, and foodstuff.

In addition to monetary donations, we also welcome item donations. If you have any scarves, hats, nail polishes, yarn, or foodstuff that you would like to donate, please reach out to us. We greatly appreciate any contribution that can help us make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and survivors.

Furthermore, we are open to partnerships with individuals and organizations based on their expertise. Whether you have a passion for beauty, wellness, or social impact, we welcome your support. Together, we can create a positive change in the world and help cancer patients and survivors feel confident and empowered.

Intersting experience I have had?

While I can’t think of anything special to share at the moment, I would like to highlight some of the most fuIfiIIing moments in my work. One of the greatest joys I experience is seeing the patients I work with leave feeling happy and satisfied with the services they received. Their feedback is invaluable and hearing them express how they feel seen, remembered and not alone is incredibly rewarding.

One of the greatest joys I experience is seeing the patients I work with leave feeling happy and satisfied with the services they received.

Wangari Kinyanjui

It warms my heart to know that through our work, we are making a positive impact in their lives. Many patients have shared how they couldn’t wait to get home and show their family and neighbors how good they look after receiving our services. Knowing that we are not only improving their physical appearance but also their confidence and overall well-being is truly inspiring and drives us to continue our efforts.

These moments remind me of the importance of the work we do and motivate me to keep pushing forward, even in the face of challenges. They serve as a reminder of the impact we can make on the lives of others, and the importance of prioritizing the needs and well-being of those we serve.

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