We got married!

We got married!

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While I wasn’t the one who tied the knot, attending my friend’s recent wedding made me feel like I was part of the celebration. As an Arab, she comes from a culture that is steeped in richness and depth, spanning from their stunning mode of dressing, mouth-watering cuisine, melodious language, to their overall way of life. Witnessing how much importance is placed on weddings and marriage was simply awe-inspiring.

The wedding ceremony lasted for three days, as is customary, and it was nothing short of spectacular. Men and women partake in separate festivities, with no contact between them, except for the bride and groom, who meet on the second and third day. Cultural dances and songs filled the air, while an irresistible mix of Arabic and Swahili delicacies tantalized the taste buds. My experience was truly incredible, and though it’s hard to express in words, I can tell you that it was a magnificent occasion.

As I reflect on this joyous celebration, I can’t help but think about the first recorded miracle Jesus performed - at a wedding. I imagine it was a breathtaking Middle Eastern ceremony, much like the one I witnessed. Regardless of culture or faith, weddings are a celebration of love and commitment that unite people from all walks of life. This unforgettable experience not only exposed me to a different culture but also served as a reminder of the beauty and significance of weddings and marriage.

Wedding at Cana art The wedding at Cana, Art by Mondadori via Getty Images