Advice to a 23/24 year-old

Advice to a 23/24 year-old

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I randomly asked my friends to share their advice to a 23/24 year old and these were a sample of the responses.

The greatest lesson is in impermanence. We lose jobs, we lose people. Our youthfulness often propagates the notion that we’ll be here for a long while. Granted, that might be true but we are better off knowing all we have, is today. Today, even now, is our appointed time and we owe it to God, others and ourselves, to improve every opportunity for good. And if anything, go through life gathering the roses, not the thorns.

Scola Marion

This is to a 23/24 yr Old who’s life’s ambitions have not picked up yet and they are struggling to keep afloat. Trust the process! As you continue to seek for a break through, keep doing what you are productive at and be really good at doing it.

Young Scout

The one thing I wish I knew or at least acted on more when I was 23 is that everything compounds. The law of compounding, of compound interest, is perhaps the one overlooked and most underrated law of life. Everything compounds. Good compounds, evil compounds. A small step taken consistently today doubles and triples itself over the years, no bargains. Everything is a seed but the harvest is twofold, threefold…hundredfold. From 23 years to 30 years is 7 years and compounding can work as your magical lever if you decide to be intentional about what you plant now.

Kenson Kipchumba

Be ever hopeful. Hope doesn’t disappoint, life is not a perfect script.

Immaculate Maganda

  1. Never disqualify yourself before anyone does
  2. Have the audacity of a white man
  3. You have skills and talents that set you apart, leverage on them & build your networks (your network is your net worth)
  4. You’re still young , it’s never that serious or you still have time, extend that grace to yourself
  5. You have your whole life ahead of you, don’t tie yourself down to one thing, diversify your experiences and be willing to learn and unlearn
  6. Most importantly , trust God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God…

Billie Nyakawa

Embrace Your Face. Be Your Biggest Fan.

“Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes us another chance to do what He has given us a chance to do today.” ~ Bishop Rossie O’Neil

The assumption that we have a lot of time and suddenly we will make drastic changes when we get to a particular age. This leads to recklessness and eventually regret. We are to live as if everyday were our last. We will better manage our time with meaningful things, cultivate mutually respectful relations with others, apologise to persons we’ve wronged and forgive those who have wronged us, learn a new helpful skills and even giving back to society.The aim is to strive to be better than yesterday. To be better tomorrow, we need to intentionally make the decision to start today. The only moment we can be sure of is now. What the future holds is for God. Let’s live in the moment and derive the best from life and the opportunities presented to us.

Tevin Omwanda